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Commemorative AMBER Alert Stamp

Amber Alert
Statement of Purpose

The Amber Alert is an emergency child abduction alert. It's purpose is to SAVE THE LIFE OF A CHILD.

Amber Alert is a collaborative partnership between law enforcement agencies and broadcasters to alert the general public when a child is abducted.

In this cooperative plan, radio and television stations interrupt programming with an emergency tone similar to the one used to warn about severe weather conditions utilizing the Emergency Alert System (EAS).

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) provides a rapid response in the search of an abducted child. When a warning alert is activated, the entire community or the entire state is searching for an abducted child in a matter of minutes.

In a collaborative effort, this partnership brings law enforcement, broadcasters and communities together working toward the same goal, in an effort to better protect and safeguard our children. The Amber Alert Plan is one of the most effective strategies law enforcement agencies statewide can use in reuniting children with their families.